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The Advantages of an Instant Offer Real Estate Deal

The Advantages of an Instant Offer Real Estate Deal

The median number of days Arizona homes were on the market in January 2023 was 75. Unfortunately, some homes stay on the market even longer.

This statistic might not bother you if you're not in a hurry to sell. But many homeowners want to sell quickly.

Did you know you can sell your home quickly by contacting a cash buyer? They'll give you an instant offer for your house.

If you need more convincing, keep reading to learn the top advantages of selling through an instant offer.

No Waiting for a Buyer

An instant offer lets you sell your house without searching for a buyer. Instead, you contact a cash buyer and ask for an offer.

One reason it takes so long to sell a house is because you must find a buyer. Unfortunately, you must compete with many other homeowners who also want to sell their properties.

A real estate cash deal eliminates this step. As a result, you save time and hassles because you won't need to wait for a buyer to come along.

Skip the Home Showings

Another hassle of selling your home is the showings. When you list a house with an agent, the agent calls you to schedule showings.

Showings require preparing your home for the buyers and leaving during the scheduled visits.

Selling your home to a cash buyer also eliminates this step. If you choose an instant real estate sale, you won't have home showings.

No Fees

Most people pay their real estate agents a 4% to 6% commission when selling their houses. This means you'll pay $12,000 to $18,000 on commissions if your house sells for $300,000.

The commission cuts into your profits, but it's not the only fee. There are many others.

You won't have to pay a commission or any other fees if you sell to a cash buyer.

Guaranteed Sale

When selling a house to a traditional buyer with a loan, there is a chance the deal will fall through. If that happens, you start over with the selling process.

You can eliminate this risk through a cash offer. A cash buyer won't back out of the deal once you accept the offer. Thus, it's a guaranteed sale.

Fast Sale

Finally, cash offers are fast for several reasons. First, they eliminate some of the steps required with traditional sales.

Additionally, when selling your house for cash, the buyer won't add contingencies to the offer. This means you won't have to fix or update things. It also means you won't have to deal with appraisals or inspections.

The result is a fast closing.

Request an Instant Offer for Your House

Do you want to sell your home? If so, are you in a hurry?

You can request an instant offer from a cash buyer if you need a guaranteed sale. After accepting it, you can close the deal in only a few weeks.

Contact us at AZ Home Buyers LLC if you'd like to learn more. We buy houses in Arizona and offer instant offers for all homes.