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We Buy Houses As Is: Understanding the Process

We Buy Houses As Is: Understanding the Process

In July 2021, 23% of all home sales were cash deals. Cash buyers have advantages over other home buyers. As a result, many homeowners turn to cash buyers when they need to sell their houses quickly.

You've probably heard about companies advertising, "we buy houses as is." These companies are cash buyers that purchase properties for investment purposes.

But have you ever wondered how the process works? Keep reading to learn what this process entails.

Decide to Sell

People who turn to cash home buyers usually have a clear-cut reason. Their reasons lead them to need to sell their homes immediately. Here are a few examples:

  • Settling an inheritance
  • Divorce
  • Relocation
  • Avoiding foreclosure
  • House needs work

Of course, you can sell your house to a cash buyer for any reason. But these are some common ones. So the primary question is, "do you need to sell your house today?"

If you answered yes, selling a house to a cash buyer is the perfect solution.

Ask for an Offer

Home selling is simple through a "we buy houses" company. The first thing to do is ask for an offer.

You can do this by calling the cash buyer. You can also request an offer by filling out a form online.

Cash home buyers need the address of the property. After they have that information, they'll get to work. Soon, they'll give you an offer.

Their offer will include a cash amount. But it won't include contingency clauses.

Therefore, you'll know how much money you'll make from the sale. Just subtract your mortgage balance from the offer.

Consider the Benefits

When you sell a home to a cash buyer, you're essentially selling a house as-is. The buyer is an investor. Real estate investors renovate homes and sell them for profits.

As a result, the offer might be lower than you expected. But you'll also reap many benefits by agreeing to it.

First, you won't have any expenses. You'll keep the entire profit.

Secondly, you won't have any home showings or contingencies. Thus, you'll save time and work.

Finally, there are no risks of the deal falling through. Selling a house to a "we buy houses" company is a guaranteed sale.

Close the Deal

Of course, one additional benefit is you can sell a house fast with this method. Once you sign the contract agreeing to the deal, the buyer begins working on closing it.

It may take two to four weeks, but it won't take any longer. Your sale will be complete, and you'll have cash in your pocket.

Learn More About We Buy Houses As Is

The process of selling to a company like this is simple. It's also fast and guaranteed. Are you interested in learning more about the steps of selling to a company that pays cash for homes?

If so, contact a company that offers "we buy houses as is." They'll give you a quote quickly, and you'll have a guaranteed sale. Contact us today for a cash offer.