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What’s the Average Cost of Selling a Home in Phoenix, Arizona

What’s the Average Cost of Selling a Home in Phoenix, Arizona

It's not hard to see why so many people are moving to Arizona. It's T-shirt weather all year round and the cost of living is lower than in nearby states. Don't forget that it has some of the best Mexican food you'll find on the West Coast.

This makes Arizona an excellent place to sell your home, as the offers from immigrating Californians will pour in. Whether you plan on listing your home or doing a cash sale, you won't have trouble finding a buyer. The trouble is knowing the average cost of selling a home so you get your money's worth.

Read on as we discuss how much homes go for in Arizona, and what factors may affect the price.

What Is the Average Cost of Selling a Home in Arizona?

At the moment of writing, the average cost in the entire state of Arizona covers around $450,000. This is significantly cheaper than in many surrounding states, especially neighboring California. Arizona is much more spread out, which means housing lots tend to be larger and neighborhoods more sparse.

Of course, this is the average overall cost in the entire state. Living in the Phoenix area means you can make a pretty penny on a property sale compared to somewhere like Queen Valley or Tonopah. The cost of your home will depend greatly on where you are located.

Renovations and Modifications

You can sell your home for quite a bit more if you've invested some money into it. Having big garages, artsy exteriors, and large lawns will help. People moving to Arizona are also fans of long driveways and solar panel installations.

Suburban Area Prices

Phoenix is a gigantic, sprawling city that seems to go on for miles. While it's nice to be nearby the Phoenix Suns stadium and the Gammage Theater, suburban areas are where Arizona living really happens.

Locations nearby Phoenix such as Goodyear, Avondale, and Surprise are the more laid-back towns. Life feels a bit slower out here, and houses can still command a considerable price just for the location alone.

Rural Area Prices

Venture beyond the population centers of Arizona and you'll discover a vast, untamed desert. Arizona is an excellent place for rural living. Towns like Buckeye give you access to all the amenities you may need while letting you live in peace and quiet.

People love the allure of the rural living feeling once they begin to see fields and farm animals. These are quickly becoming the most popular places that immigrants home in on when arriving in Arizona. You may be able to sell your house for much more if it's in a rural area.

Turn to AZ Home Buyer for Real Estate

The average cost of selling a home in Arizona can be lower compared to other states. However, the high influx of immigrants from other states means you can negotiate a higher price if you play your cards right. The main factors are how much renovation you have done, and whether you are in an urban, suburban, or rural locale.

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