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What Is the Best Way to Sell a Home Fast? 5 Tips

What Is the Best Way to Sell a Home Fast? 5 Tips

If you’re hoping to make a quick home sale with the traditional sale process, you might be out of luck. Research shows that the average home takes just under two months to sell—and your chances may be even worse depending on your location, the home’s condition, and other factors!

Of course, if you need to figure out the best way to sell a home fast, you might balk at the idea of such a long wait. Fortunately, there are a few strategies you can put in place to speed up the transaction. If you’re ready to move the process along, here are five quick tips to sell a house quickly.

1. Work With an Experienced Agent

If you’re set on doing a traditional home sale, you’ll need to work with an experienced agent. Not hiring a pro is one of the biggest house selling mistakes homeowners make.

The right expert can help you price, market, stage, and show your home with less time-consuming effort. Of course, you may need to pay a higher commission fee for that experience and a fast home sale, but if you’re prioritizing your time over your money, working with the best is the way to go!

2. Set a Competitive Price

No matter what the market looks like, setting a competitive asking price is the best way to get more buyers on the hook. Everyone loves a bargain, so if you’re willing to shave a few thousand dollars off your price tag, you’re more likely to encourage interested parties to bite.

3. Give Your Home a Facelift

Appearance matters in the world of real estate, which means that investing time into your home on the front end can save you months of waiting down the line. Reconsider your curb appeal, splurge on any necessary repairs, pay for a professional cleaning, stage your home for buyers, and consider getting a professional photographer to capture the final look.

4. Time Your Sale

Research shows that selling your home in the month of May can help you sell it faster, though some states might see better sales later in the summer months. If you’re selling your home out of season, you might have to wait a little longer to sell.

5. Think Outside the Box

Sure, it’s possible to do all of the steps above for a faster transaction if you’re working with a real estate agent—but this isn’t always the best way to sell a home fast. Instead, consider getting an all-cash offer on your home!

This is by far the speediest way to transfer your property, as it means getting an instant quote and getting rid of your home in days, not months. What’s more, you’ll avoid paying for the hidden costs associated with selling a house, and you’ll get a fair cash offer for the property to boot.

Try the Best Way to Sell a Home Fast

These tried-and-true strategies are some of the most effective things to do to sell your house fast—but don’t forget that some of them work better than others! For the fastest possible timeline, working with real estate cash buyers is the best way to sell a home fast.

If you want to sell fast at a fair price, our team at AZ Home Buyer is here to offer a quick, hassle-free quote for your home. We’ll help you avoid investing time in costly repairs or paying for hidden fees and commissions, and we pride ourselves on offering the fastest way to sell a house in Phoenix, AZ. For more information or to get an offer for your home, get started today!