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How To Sell Your Home For Cash in Phoenix. Fast!

How To Sell Your Home For Cash in Phoenix. Fast!

The average home takes approximately 39 days to sell once it hits the market. That doesn't account for the time it takes to meet with a realtor and prep the house to be on the market. 

It also doesn't take into account the additional 48 days that it takes for a buyer to apply for a mortgage, get approval, and get to closing. 

If you're anxious to sell your home, these numbers might seem daunting. For most homeowners, once they decide to sell, they want the house sold quickly.

So, how can you speed up the process of selling your Phoenix area home? Look into selling your home for cash. Read on to learn more about selling a house for cash and why it might be a smart move for you.

Who Will Buy Houses for Cash in the Phoenix Real Estate Market?

There are a number of cash-for-home companies that will make your home selling experience go very quickly. 

Do your homework and make sure you're looking into the cash for the house's company. Not all of them use admirable tactics. 

You want a cash buyer who will be both forthcoming and straightforward with you about the process. 

The cash buyer should be willing to give you a set price and explain the process. 

Are you wondering why a company would be willing to buy a house for cash, often without an inspection?

Many cash buyers are looking to buy a house a little under market value so they can do repairs quickly and resell the house. 

What to Expect When You Sell Your Home for Cash

If you're a home seller in Phoenix, you might be wondering about the process of selling your house for cash. Is it really that simple?

You would connect with a cash company either by phone or on their website. Once you let them know you're interested in selling for cash, they will ask you some questions about your house.

  • Where is it located?
  • How old is the house?
  • What size is the house?
  • What condition is the house in?
  • Any unique features of the house?

Then they may send out someone to evaluate the property. This happens quickly. Then they will get back to you to offer a cash amount for the sale. 

This is the amount they would pay you in cash for the house. You won't need to have the house inspected or appraised. If you agree to the price, most cash companies will be prepared to close on the deal within a few weeks. 

Benefits of Using Cash for Home Companies to Sell

While you should probably be prepared for the cash offer to be below market value, there are still some real advantages to selling your home for cash. 

First, this process goes quickly. You don't have to hassle with finding a realtor or paying their commission, which is something to remember when you see the cash offer. 

You don't have to prepare your home to go on the market. All those pesky home projects you've put off you still won't have to do with a cash buyer. 

In most cases, the cash buyer doesn't require an inspection. So, there won't be any surprises that arise from the inspection or additional expenses as a result of it either. 

Sell Your Home in Phoenix Fast

Do you hope to sell your home in the Phoenix area sometime soon? Avoid the hassles of a traditional sale and consider a cash sale instead. 

Contact us today to learn more about our cash sale process and how we can help you get your house sold.