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5 Reasons to Sell Your Home to an iBuyer

5 Reasons to Sell Your Home to an iBuyer

2021 was a big year for anyone looking to sell their home. Prices were at an all-time high, but more than 6 million homes sold anyway. Unfortunately, a steep and steady rise in mortgage rates has had a serious cooling effect on the market.

Of course, just because the market cooled, it doesn't mean that people stopped selling their homes. It just means that selling job got a little harder.

If you're in the market to sell, consider selling to an iBuyer. Not sure what an iBuyer is or why you should sell to one? Keep reading for a quick overview of iBuyers and five reasons you should sell to one.

What Is an IBuyer?

In essence, an iBuyer is a real estate business that makes automated offers on homes. Rather than negotiating with individuals who might pull out of the deal at any time, an iBuyer uses algorithms to make a cash offer. With that covered, let's look at some of the reasons why you should work with an iBuyer.

1. Speed

Selling a house is normally a protracted process. Best case scenario, you wait upwards of a month before the deal closes. It's not an ideal situation for anyone who finds that they must move quickly, such as for a new job.

When selling to an iBuyer, you can often close in days, instead of weeks.

2. Better Timing

Let's say that you know you're going to move, but haven't locked in a new home yet. No one wants to sell their home, only find themselves stuck in an apartment lease for six months while they try to buy a new home. IBuyers will let you push out the timing on the closing

3. Dodge the Cleaning

Showing your home almost always begins with a thorough, or even professional, home cleaning. After all, most normal homes are filled with clutter or dusty corners you don't catch with your weekly chores.

With an iBuyer, there is no showing. The buyer takes on the burden of cleaning and staging the home to resell it.

4. No Repairs

Just like with the cleaning, you get a pass on a lot of minor repairs that homeowners must make to sell. The iBuyer takes responsibility for making those repairs. Although, major repairs that affect the functionality of the home are still on you.

5. No Financing

A big part of the wait in normal home sales is the buyer getting approved for financing. When you work with iBuyer, you're selling for cash. There is no question about whether a leery lender will torpedo the deal.

You Should Consider an IBuyer

There are many reasons you should consider an iBuyer when selling your home. The sales process is fast, at least if you want it to be a fast deal. You don't need to wait around or worry about lender approval.

You get a pass on cleaning and on minor repairs. You can even time the closing to work better for your needs.

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