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5 Convenient Reasons To Sell Your Property to All Cash Buyers

5 Convenient Reasons To Sell Your Property to All Cash Buyers

Are you planning to sell your house?

Now is the right time since thousands of Arizona homes are for sale in the market. It's competitive, ensuring the price is consistent across various communities. It's a real estate trend expected to continue for years to come.

However, a recent trend is rising: cash offers for homes. It might sound suspect at first, but entertaining all cash buyers is easier. Read on as we discuss some reasons to sell your property for cash.

1. Faster Closing

When your buyer must borrow money, they work using the lender's timeline. It usually takes around six weeks. The delay will also apply to you, since you receive no payment unless your buyer gets financing.

Meanwhile, all cash buyers will close the transaction faster. After all, lenders are out of the picture. Cash buyers' offers won't hinge on your home appraisal at a specific amount.

2. Flexible Move-Out

Over 40 million Americans move around the country every year. Sometimes, selling your home is a chore because of the financing processes involved. If you want to move out within the next week, cash buyers allow you to stay flexible.

You won't worry about waiting on a third party for approval. After all, you're skipping both loans and appraisals when selling with cash. All you have to deal with is the cash buyer.

3. Lower Maintenance

Requesting cash offers often means selling before worrying about snowballing maintenance costs. You won't have to leave the house clean for weeks or show up for multiple meetings.

When you deal with cash buyers like a house flipper, you can sell your house as-is. It allows you to skip some home improvement projects such as:

  • Roof repairs
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Landscaping

The amount of work you'll exert depends on you. It's the opposite when selling your home traditionally. Most buyers will expect more before buying your home.

4. Reduced Costs

When you sell your house for cash, you'll cut out a lot of home-selling expenses. It includes various repairs, staging, and commissions. They're great trade-offs even when your home value is lower.

Regardless, the closing cost of your home depends on your location, your home condition, and your buyer. The good news is a lot of sellers out there are willing to offer competitive prices.

5. Confidence in Closing the Deal

When dealing with cash, all you need to verify is whether the buyer has money. The deal will close faster once you're certain of their proof of funding.

A lot of studies and surveys prove the reliability of cash deals. Only 5% of cash-based contracts ended up canceling. Even with delays, it's more acceptable than a loss.

Work With All Cash Buyers Now

These are the benefits of selling your home to all cash buyers. Never let delays get in the way of your house-selling efforts. Use these reasons to take the plunge today.

Do you need a reputable home cash buyer in Arizona? Contact us today and let us talk.