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"I can't begin to tell you what an absolutely awesome company AZ Home Buyer is! I have sold homes all over the country as we moved every two years or so. But then I needed to sell my family home, one that my mom has lived in for over 60 years. Landon is an absolute dream to work with - a great guy with a big heart who listened to my story and made a nightmare into a dream experience. He was patient and understanding with us, as it is never easy to move someone in their 90's out of a home they've been in for so long. I would recommend him and his company to anyone who is looking for a fair real estate investor to purchase their home."

by Gayle H. on 12/1/2017

"We sold a home the "regular way" a few months ago. After a lengthy process, we realized we had nothing to lose by calling an investor type buyer. AZ Home Buyer was one we called and boy are we pleased. Landon runs a top-notch, ethical business and bought our home for a very fair price. He did everything he said he would. Could not recommend him more highly!"

by Lisa R. on 06/6/2017

"Working with this company was fantastic. Fair offer and BBB ratings were all wonderful. It was truly a pleasure and would highly recommend them to others."

by Olivia. B. on 06/6/2017

"The sale of my duplex was handled very professional in a timely manner. I would certainly recommend using them if you have property to sell."

by Pam W. on 2/7/2017

"We shopped 10 home buying companies in the Phoenix Area and chose AZ Homebuyer LLC and we are very happy we did. Landon made the process of selling a home in Probate that was in disrepair to say the least. He offered a fair price, did all the title legwork and paid all closing costs as he stated. Closed escrow and transferred cash payment on the date we asked for, in about 10 days. Probate and the loss of a loved one is hard. Landon and his group made it a breeze. We highly recommend!"

by Valle C. on 2/1/2017

"Working with Landon of the AZ Home Buyer LLC was very professional,. He knew the stats of the area when he called me and sent his project manager David to the site to send him pictures. I received a call that night from him with a GREAT offer. He constantly kept in contact with me during the very fast escrow period and closed on the date he stated. I have never worked with such an organized person or company. I would HIGHLY recommend this company!!!!"

by Marta S. on 12/9/2016

"AZ Home Buyer was so easy to work with. Fast, friendly, trustworthy. I would work with this company again."

by A. S. on 9/14/2016

"Very friendly, respectful, interested in our needs & thoughts, quick & easy process. recommend to anyone wanting to buy or sell a property."

by R. E. on 9/2/2016

"We sold our home of 17 years to AZ Home Buyers and it was a truly quick and painless process. We spoke with Landon on the phone a few times (in Iowa at the time) and he was always upbeat and a delight. The price offered was very fair and we did get others - his was the best. His contractor David visited the house and he was also totally professional and polite. We had several major medical issues that made it difficult for us to maintain the house ourselves as we were used to. We knew we wanted to sell to an investor given the amount of work the house needed and are so grateful we contacted Landon and AZ Home Buyers. We highly recommend contacting this business if you need a simple and quick solution to selling your home."

by Marjorie and David on 8/19/2016

"Very thoughtful and great to work with."

by K. C. on 5/5/2016

"I have worked with Landon numerous times on buying/selling property. He is a man of his word who does what he says he is going to do; no ifs, ands or buts. On top of being honest and trustworthy he is polite and easy going. A real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Landon Luchtel and AZ Home Buyer."

by Christine F. on 4/27/2016

"My mother and I are very happy with AZ home buyers. We recently sold our 4 bedroom, 2 bath house to Landon, at AZ home buyers. When we had first decided to sell our home, there was no better business then them, Landon had purchased our condo from us about two years prior. From our first meeting, to the last he was very professional, resourceful, willing to listen and work with us through the whole process. My mother and I were unable to be out by the date we had all agreed upon, but Landon extended our time without hesitation. I would recommend AZ Home buyers to everyone looking to sell their home, and I would recommend Landon as your agent."

by T. T. on 4/25/2016

"It was a pleasure to meet and work with Landon. He was professional, honest and worked with every need we had. I will certainly recommend him to anyone in a position to sell their property under similar circumstances."

by D. S. on 4/9/2016

"Excellent experience working with Landon on the sale of our rental property."

by Wayne in Phoenix on 3/5/2016

"Frankly when calling AZ Home Buyer I was simply expecting to get an idea of what the low range of prices for my home was. However that was not the case at all, after a few minutes describing my property to Landon he gave me what turned out to be a very fair and reasonable estimate. A few days later that number was solidified shortly after his associate did an inspection. The complete process was just as described with Landon available to answer questions. Closing took about 8 days and was painless with the money wired to my bank account on the day we closed. If Landon ever chooses to leave the real estate business he'd be a great person to teach others what great customer service really means."

by M. R. on 2/1/2016

"Our transaction with AZ Home Buyer was very easy, no conflict and closed quickly!! Would work with AZ Home Buyer again, and look forward to doing so!!"

by Ted W. on 8/19/2015

"I really enjoyed working with Landon. He was patient and very considerate of my feelings surrounding the sale of my parent's home. It was a pleasure working with him."

by Kathy D. on 6/30/2015

"Working with Landon was the best thing my wife and I could have done in our particular situation. His process made the overall experience very easy and that was the best thing for us. Landon made us feel like we were making the right decisions every step of the way, which was exactly what we needed. We would recommend him and his business to anyone who is looking to sell their home."

by Randall P. on 5/3/2015

"I would wholeheartedely recommend Landon and AZ Home Buyer to anyone without hesitation. We closed on my brother's estate within 10 days and he paid all closing costs. I knew he was honest and straightforward when we first talked because I had already found some comparable sales, and when he got back to me with his comparable sales they were very close to what I already knew. Not being from the area he probably could have told me nearly any value and I wouldn't have known the difference. But he didn't try to undercut me and was very honest in his dealings with me. I very much appreciated having him handle all the details. He did everything he said he would do. He saved me a lot of trips to Phoenix and the price we received was very fair."

by Arlan W. on 4/7/2015

"My wife and I had a great experience using AZ Home Buyer. The owner showed up on time and was super easy to work with. We were ready to get rid of our rental property and it closed in 10 days and we live out of state. Thanks so much for making our experience easy and quick. Recommend anyone in Phoenix area call these folks first when you need to sell your house quickly."

by Donn M. on 3/26/2015

"Great experience, quick response, explained entire process in simple easy to understand terms. No hassle what so ever picked a date to close and agreed on a price, done deal. Highly recommend using these guys if your in the need of selling your home quickly. Thanks so much."

by Chuck b. on 3/4/2015

"It was wonderful working with Landon. I answered one of his mailings. We meet at a rental house that I owned. He looked around at it and got back to me with an good offer. We negotiated for a few weeks because both he and I went on vacations. He always responded quickly to me when I had a question or offer. Polite, Professional and honest are the words I would use to describe my dealings AZ Homebuyer, LLC."

by Daryl C. on 12/9/2014

"Landon was a pleasure to work with. The process was quick with no unexpected surprises. The results exceeded our expectations."

by Bill F. on 9/15/2014

"Working with AZ Home Buyer was a wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Landon, who made the process very easy and went out of his way to make sure everything was done correctly and smoothly. I've never met Landon, but at the end of the process I felt like we've been close friends for quite some time. He was always available for questions and couldn't have been more pleasant to work with. I would recommend Landon to anyone needing the services that his company offers and I would share with them how much confidence I had working with him. The process couldn't have been more smoothly handled by Landon."

by Steve J. on 8/12/2014

"It was an absolute joy to work with Landon. I got in touch with him regarding my parents' house in AZ after they passed away. He was very quick to make me an offer, his title agency took care of everything as quickly as they could to close on the house. Landon was also very patient with us since we had extra paperwork to fill out due to the fact that my parents were foreign nationals. I haven't even met Landon in person since I live in Northern Virginia, but this transaction was as smooth as it could have been! I highly recommend Landon if you are looking to sell a house quickly at a fair price, even if you are out of state. He is extremely responsive, friendly, personable and fun to work with."

by Myriam B. on 6/6/2014

"Landon (AZ Home Buyer) was great to work with! He is professional, friendly, and honest. We were very comfortable working with him, and while selling a home and moving can be very stressful, he made the process quite simple and stress-free. He was flexible with closing dates too, which made a big difference. We highly recommend Landon and AZ Home Buyer LLC!!!"

by Phyllis & Abby on 6/6/2014

"I am a real estate broker in MN. I also own an apartment management company that manages properties in MN, ND, and AZ. I recently decided to sell one of my AZ properties. I was really impressed with how straight forward and honest he was. He followed through with everything he said he would. We closed quickly and I would recommend him to anybody!"

by Skaff Apartments on 5/15/2014

"All I can say is OUTSTANDING!! Landon was extremely easy to work with and was very up front and honest in his appraisal of my uncle's property. The sale and interaction with the title company was very smooth and efficient. The entire transaction from appraisal to closing was flawless due to his "up front" work. I sincerely appreciated his honesty and integrity as well as his follow up after the sale."

by Ed P. on 3/26/2014

"Dealing with Landon at AZ Home Buyer was very easy. He did as he said he would and selling my home was quick. I would not hesitate to deal with him again."

by Bryan P. on 3/26/2014

"I would like to share my great experience working with Arizona Home Buyer, LLC. Landon did an amazing job of partnering with me throughout the entire process. He was open in his assessment of my property and was responsible for me receiving a very fair price through the sale. He partnered with me regarding the appointments that needed to take place and the documentation that needed to be completed. He stayed in continual contact with me until the very end when funds were transferred and keys were exchanged. He did all this from a respectful point-of-view knowing the emotional aspects of moving from my home where I lived for 20 years and raised my family. He displayed a very caring and personable attitude. I would strongly recommend Landon and Arizona Home Buyer, LLC to anyone looking to sell their home!"

by Mark M. on 2/26/2014

"Not only did AZ Home Buyer, LLC respond promptly and courteously to our inquiry, but they were knowledgeable and professional in their approach to the market and our specific home sale. After careful deliberation, imagine our pleasure when the price offered was more than what we would have ended up with after what was proving to be a long and painful separation from a family estate. To be more specific, we called them on Wednesday, they appraised the home's value (was being renovated) on Thursday, we came to an agreement on Friday and closed seven days fast and so fair. AZ Home Buyer, LLC and their expert representative, Landon receive our highest recommendation!"

by Carlos and Deborah Weekly on 2/25/2014

"Landon was an absolute pleasure to work with. We have all been taught that, if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is! Meaning everything I read about Landon, and everything I was told about Landon was very positive. If you'll do your research, everything that you read and everything that you will be told about Landon and his professionalism is absolutely true! I have bought and sold many homes in my life, and the real estate transaction with Landon was the absolute easiest I have ever experienced! Thank you Landon!"

by Glen E. Polcyn, CFP, President & CEO, B&G Financial Services on 1/9/2014

"I had a rental property in Scottsdale. My tenant was leaving so I came to check on the property (I live in Portland). Over the past couple years I had been receiving a number of letters from investors wanting to purchase the property. Although I had ignored all previous requests, as I had no intention of selling, I thought I would meet with a couple of them to listen to their programs. The first person I talked too was nice enough but I felt that his offer was low to current market values. Landon Luchtel, of AZ Home Buyer, offer was much more reasonable, and he made it right on the spot! My intent had always been to use my property myself but, in reality, I realized that wasn't going to happen anytime soon and I was growing weary of maintaining a long distance rental. So, after weighing my options and realizing that I wasn't going to get down to Scottsdale anytime soon, I decided that Landon's offer was beginning to make more sense. So I accepted. Landon has been at this for some time and was able to answer all of my questions. Anytime I e-mailed with other questions, he was always quick to respond, even while he was on vacation! The deal transpired just as he said it would. There were no hangups along the way. There were no inspections required or any other "surprise costs" and, as promised, no closing costs. The full payment was made just as agreed. This was a quick, easy deal and Landon simply took care of everything. If you decide to sell to a RE investor, I would not hesitate to highly recommend AZ Home Buyer."

by John R. on 1/5/2014

"This was a very stress free way of selling my house. Everything about the sale happened exactly as I was told and there were no surprises at any point in the process. Being able to specify the exact closing date that suited my situation was invaluable. Based on my experience I would recommend AZ Home Buyer."

by Robert R. on 12/22/2013

"My experience was very professional and the owner Landon was always responsive. I will be using Him and his company again."

by Dennis C. on 11/23/2013

"Everything went perfect. Landon's AZ Home Buyer is headed for continued success. Landon went out of his way to accommodate us and to arrive at a fair deal. He also works with good people as they were also very on the ball. Landon and his business are both definitely 10s."

by Richard R. on 11/20/2013

"AZ Home Buyer bought my house at a fair price in an extremely smooth transaction. I didn't have to do anything but agree and sign my name, all details were taken care of by their team of professionals, making the whole process very easy for a first time seller."

by Carson M. on 11/6/2013

"Landon, We really appreciate your professionalism in handling the purchase of our home in Gilbert Arizona. You are a true professional and it is nice to know their are still honest people like yourself working in the real estate industry. Your communication and courtesy exemplified our transaction with your company and we really appreciate working with you."

by Randy B. on 9/27/2013

"My husband and I were looking for a quick sale on our home of 10 years. We contacted AZ Home Buyer, LLC along with several other investment companies. AZ Home Buyer, LLC offered us a very fair price on the property, above what was offered by the other companies. To complicate our timing, we were processing thru a divorce. Landon was understanding and extremely patient and was happy to answer any questions the attorneys had. He also worked with us on the timing of the closing, in order to allow us the time needed to find our respective new homes. Landon made the whole process as stress free as possible. The final signing at the title company was quick and the contract was easy to understand. Landon was honest, respectful and a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend AZ Home Buyer, LLC - and Landon to anyone wishing to transition out of owning their home. Our whole experience was very positive!"

by Dan & Patti K. on 9/11/2013

"Very professional, honest, and a pleasure to work with."

by Christie on 8/27/2013

"Landon was very helpful to me and my family. He was very friendly and professional. He answered all my questions and made the process of selling my home less stressful."

by Allison B. on 8/21/2013

"I sold my moms house to AZ HOME BUYER . Landon made the process quick and easy. During a very stressful time for our family, going through 2-probates ,It was great to have no pressure to sell and someone who was ready to help. Thanks again AZ HOME BUYER."

by Tim D. on 8/7/2013

"Doing business with Landon and his brother Barry was definitely a smooth process and indeed a pleasure. Initial purchase contract was signed and there were no gliches after that. We closed on time two weeks later!"

by Maria P. on 8/2/2013

"When we initially contacted Landon, we fully expected that we would not be able to negotiate a satisfactory sale. On the contrary, we found Landon to be honest, fair, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I am still amazed at how quickly and effortlessly everything progressed. The negotiation was above board with no pressure. Landon understood things from our perspective and made sure we felt good about the entire experience. I highly recommend Landon and AZ Home Buyer. In fact, we have already referred him to a family member and good friend - both of whom also worked successfully with him."

by Vicki B. on 6/24/2013

"We recently closed escrow on the sale of a house in Phoenix. We worked with Landon and he is very friendly and knowledgeable. He is accommodating and easy to work with. He tells you what he's going to do and he does it. The whole process couldn't have gone more smoothly (and we live in Los Angeles, so the process was handled via email). We highly recommend working with Landon and AZ Home Buyer."

by Brian and Phyllis on 5/19/2013

"Having recently done business with AZ Home Buyer (Landon, was a very positive experience. Landon's handshake is worth a million dollars. He knows his business and associated risks. He follows through with his offer to purchase and works in tandem with a well respected Title company. Negotiations were conducted in a professional manner and all reasonable changes to the original offer were accepted between the buyer and the seller. Honesty and integrity reside with Landon and the AZ Home Buyer, LLC organization. This is business at its best!"

by Bob Schuh on 5/14/2013

"Excellent. Far exceeded expectations. Landon was very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone needing to sell a home."

by Leonard S. on 4/5/2013

"I am so very impressed with this company, they did not try push me in decision. I was on the fence on what to do with a home I could no longer take of. Landon spoke to me a couple of times in great detail encourging me to take my time to decide. He was patient, non-judgmentl, honest and fair, and always asking how he can help. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs this type of service. My family and I now have a new begining."

by Jennifer S. on 5/7/2013

"I recently had the experience of dealing with Landon, with Az Home Buyer, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to sell their home. He is honest, trustworthy, and dependable. the sale of my condo went smooth from beginning to end. He made promises and he kept every one of them. He bought my condo "as is", as his business card states. Also he allowed me to pick the closing date, allowing me to give my tenant adequate time to move. Plus he took care of all the hassles of the paperwork and all. I am very relieved and a happy customer."

by Elaine R. on 4/15/2013

"AZ Home Buyer, LLC purchased our house last month and from onset to close, we were very pleased with how smooth and easy the process flowed. Working with the company was a pleasure, as they were flexible when it came down to specifics regarding timing and other details, and quite accommodating to our needs overall. I would most certainly work with them again, and highly recommend the business."

by Cory S. on 4/13/2013

"Excellent. Far exceeded expectations. Landon was very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone needing to sell a home."

by Leonard S. on 4/5/2013

"I recently inherited a home w/mortgage that needed repairs & upgrades & I had neither the money or the time to take care of these issues. I received offers from various investors. I was about to accept what I thought was the best offer when I was contacted by Landon w/AZ Home Buyers. Landon beat my "best" offer by $7000.00!! I was thrilled! Landon was honest, forthright & compassionate He made sure the entire process was thorough and fast! I would use him again in a heartbeat! I HIGHLY recommend him. This man is FANTASTIC. Thank you so much"

by Pamela S.Smith on 3/22/2013

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